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  • Bb Miniature Collection.

  • Limited edition.

  • A special set with cute miniature size of 5 popular items.

  • Feel better with a package like sweets!

  • It is the appearance of a special skincare set that fulfills beautiful skin.

Set includes PH Massage Gel Pro. 15g, Moist Cream Mask Pro. 15g, Sleeping Moist Gel Mask 13g, PH Body Gel Cream Pro. 12g, PH Black Gel Massage Mask 12g

PH Massage Gel Pro

Professional but easy to use at home, just massage slowly along with the lymphatic flow. Anyone can simply use it, and it will make your skin like come back from a spa.

- Lavender, Roman camomiles.

- Texture: Rich feel gel

Moist Cream Mask Pro

15 minutes on clean skin. It works to smoothly dissolve plant-derived ingredients such as Resuscitate Herb Extract *.

- A cream mask that gives moisture and smoothness. A blissful moment with a pleasant scent.

- Rosemary, lavender and neroli elegant herbs.

- Texture: Rich and smooth.

* Havelea Rhodopensis leaf extract (moisturizing ingredient)

Sleeping Moist Gel Mask

A gel mask that does not need to be rinsed off!

"5 fermented extracts *" and "moist glitter drops * 1" provide a moist environment for the stratum corneum and support the skin. In addition to beauty ingredients such as placenta extract * 2, three types of moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide * 3 and jojoba oil are also included.

- Produces the best sleep time with the sweet and elegant fragrance of damask rose. The next morning, you will have a smooth and smooth skin with a plump, elastic feel, as if it were a sleepy morning.

- Texture: fresh and moist

* Lactobacillus / Fermented pear juice, Lactobacillus / Milk fermented liquid, Yogurt liquid (milk), Chlorella / Shirovana lupine protein fermented product, Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract (Moisturizing ingredient)

* 1 Cholesteryl nonanoate, dihydrocholesteryl oleate, phytosteryl oleate, cholesteryl butyrate, dihydrocholesteryl butyrate (moisturizing component)

* 2 Moisturizing ingredients

* 3 Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, Ceramide EOP

PH Body Gel Cream Pro

"PH Body Gel Cream Pro." which leads to firm skin, is a body care cream that is easy to apply. With a silky smooth feel, it tightens and adjusts the skin, leading to fresh and firm skin.

- No need to rinse off.

- Grapefruit & neroli scent

- Texture: smooth and slippery

PH Black Gel @ Massage Mask

A massage gel that absorbs dirt from pores and is easy to wash off.

Charcoal powder * blends into the skin to absorb dirt and make the skin smooth and smooth. In addition, three plant ingredients * 1 care for darkened pores * 2 and lead to clear skin without dullness * 3.

- Contains moisturized skin ingredients, including placenta extract * 4 and hyaluronic acid * 4.

- Ideal as a spring/summer massage gel.

- Refreshing scent of the forest.

- Texture: cool and light

* Charcoal (skin conditioning ingredient)

* 1 Hawthorn fruit extract, sage leaf extract, and mint leaf extract (skin conditioning ingredient)

* 2 Due to dirt and old keratin

* 3 By drying

* 4 Moisturizing ingredients

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