DiaForce Gold Hydro-Gel Eye Patch



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The mask itself is all natural, non-allergic, and eco-friendly. It has been certified by the U.S. FDA for its safety and passed testing of a number of South Korean inspection agencies.
-Gold Diamond is known as a symbol of eternal beauty, promoting metabolism and revitalizing skin tissues.
-Natural extracts from seaweed, aloe ferox leaf, green tea, and rose to freshen skin and supply nutrition, moisture, and resilience leaving a beautiful skin.
-Eco-friendly hydrogel patch is melting on the skin with skin temperature while highly polymerized essence is released to skin effectively and getting thinner over application time. 
How to use
1. After thorough cleansing followed by toner& moisturizer, apply eye patches on desired areas and leave 20~30 minutes. 
2. Can be used for a middle of forehead, between eyebrows, around lips, neck and any area prone to wrinkles and pigmentation.

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