Growing Shot BK



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Growing Shot BK
Growing Shot BK

Growing black hair with Hari Kosi sense, medicinal hair growth and hair growth serums for the scalp.
Maintaining a healthy scalp environment, as well as promote hair growth and hair growth, to prevent hair loss. Paula original moisturizing ingredients such as powder Turkey extract, black rice extract. To stimulate the scalp with cold feeling and warmth, creating a foundation to grow thick and strong hair.
Create a foundation to grow thick and strong hair
Active ingredient ginseng extract, pantothenyl ethyl ether, vitamin E, blended glycyrrhizinate 2K. With to promote hair growth and hair growth, to prevent hair loss.
Furthermore, Paula original moisturizing supporting scalp environment, blending handroanthus impetiginosus bark extract and burnet extract. Quickly penetrate the scalp, trimmed in supple scalp, you create a foundation to grow strong hair.
Growing black hair that was lively
Paula original moisturizing, mixing black rice extract. Established a scalp environment, we brought up the black hair that was lively.

How to use

Use 2 times a day, before styling hair in the morning and after shampooing at night!

Place the ""ball bottle mouth" on the scalp, roll as needed, and massage the scalp.
If it is applied to the hairline position of the forehead, please pay attention to the ""bead bottle mouth" fine-tuning upwards to avoid leakage of the product into the eyes, especially if the whole scalp is smooth, and pay special attention to the application amount.

A bottle is available for approximately 1.5 months. The scale indicator on the back of the bottle is the amount of usage per week.
Wipe the mouth of the bottle after use to keep it clean.

Used in conjunction with the FORM Hair Series to help your new hair grow.
By using a flawless shampoo, the penetration of "live black hair water BK" can be increased.
After using the "live black hair water BK", the hair growth can be promoted by appropriate massage techniques.
Water, ethanol, dehydrated ethanol, BG, glycerin, ginseng extract, acetic acid tocopherol, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, burnet extract, morning glory arabesque extract, U.S. extract hydrolysis liquid V, bark extract, hydrolysis conchiolin liquid, soybean phosphatide, menthol, red pepper tincture, POE, POP decyl tetradecyl ether, sorbitan laurate, citric acid Na, citric acid, fragrance.
Growing Shot BK
Growing Shot BK

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