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Isan Antacid Powder – Can


Efficacy of the seven types of Ken stomach herbal medicine will energize a weakened stomach. The goodness of the components of the herbal medicine will remove the discomfort, such as upset leaning of the stomach. The combination of four kinds of antacid agents with different activities to neutralize gastric acid as digestive enzymes most likely works(the food is digested quickly), and solve heartburn as well as stomach pains. Commitment to the goodness of herbal medicine was made into a powder form in order to avoid the process as much as possible. Therefore, without even missing the active ingredient, its excellent result is demonstrated.


Overdrinking, heartburn, stomach discomfort, weak stomach, stomach upset, overeating, stomach pain, indigestion, digestion promotion, loss of appetite, excess gastric acid, stomach / abdominal bloating, belching (stomach upset, belching, Nausea / sickness upset, nausea), vomiting, heartburn, belching, stomach weight

How to use

Take the following amount after or between meals.

Adults (15 years old and over) ・ ・ ・ 1.3g, 3 times a day

8-14 years ・ ・ ・ 0.65g, 3 times a day

Under 8 years old・ Do not take


1 usage (1.3g) in stomach herbal medicine: cinnamon 92mg, fennel 24mg, nutmeg 20mg, clove 12mg, citrus unshiu peel 22mg, Kenchiana 15mg, quassia the end of 15mg Antacids: Sodium bicarbonate 625 mg, precipitated calcium carbonate 133 mg, magnesium carbonate 26 mg, synthetic aluminum silicate 273.4mg Digestive enzymes: Biodiastase 40mg Additive l- menthol 

Customer Reviews

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Anukrati Shrivastava

Helps a lot with acidity

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