Premium Blackhead Cleansing Gel



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Melty Berry Premium Blackhead Cleansing Gel is now available in our store! The tiny particles in the cleansing gel bring warm feeling on your nose (like putting on a towel). Provides deep cleansing on T-zone. Thoroughly removes blackhead. 

Multiple effects: 

  • Hot towel effect: With tiny particles in the cleansing gel, it is like putting on a towel at around 42℃. Enlarges pores progressively. Deep cleanses dirt and impurities. 
  • Dissolving blackhead: The combination of and papain enzyme and AHA dissolves dead skin cells effectively. 
  • Deep cleansing: The combination of sage extract and hypericum extract removes the dirt and impurities in the pores thoroughly. 
  • Shrinking pores after cleansing: Eva Mat, as an ingredient gaining patent from France, can shrink your pores after deep cleansing. Controls the excess oil on your face.
  • Mild with hydration: Deep cleanses and moisturizes the T-zone area. Leaving your skin hydration without any blackhead.