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Pheromone Body Peach Hip Premium - TokTok Beauty
Pheromone Body Peach Hip Premium - TokTok Beauty

Get you a dream butt!

The oil-free formula and superb lathering are excellent for body skin care in the shower.

New medical ingredients cleanse pimple pathogens. Your skin will be lighten just by washing with this salt scrub soap.

  • Salt massage will remove dead skin cells, pimples and rashes, and lighten dark spots form your butt.
  • Blood circulation-promoting indredients reduce fat cellulite for a firmer and tighter butt.
  • 9 type of organic ingredients are combined with white strawberries to gently and smoothlly wash your butt.
  • Containing plenty of special treatment ingredients for acne, dark skin and uneven skin.

How to use

1. Take a small amount.

2. Massage on the desired part of your body.

3. Rinse thoroughly.


Isopropyl methyl phenol, Tetradecene sulfonic acid sodium liquid, tea extract (1), hoe extract, rice fermentation liquid, xanthan gum, arnica extract, ginkgo extract, seaweed extract (1), Butcher bloom extract, horse chestnut tree extract, creeping saxifrage extract, button extract, Pueraria Root extract, 1,3-butylene glycol, purified water, Angelica keiskei extract, duck Mira extract (1), white birch extract, sage extract, parsley extract (1), rosemary extract, apple extract, burdock extract, ginger tincture, brandy mint extract, say Yaw yarrow extract, dried orange peel extract, red pepper tincture, Scutellaria root extract, seawater drying thing (2), strawberry fruit juice, fennel extract, cane yellow oxeye extract, lavender extract (1), jojoba oil, Olive oil, sesame oil, red 227, fragrance, strong glycerin, ethanol, dehydrated ethanol.



Pheromone Body Peach Hip Premium - TokTok Beauty
Pheromone Body Peach Hip Premium - TokTok Beauty

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