Serum Noir Hair Loss Massage Shampoo



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Shiseido Serum Noir Shampoo will make your hair feel healthy after the first use. The shampoo contains coriander extract and zantoxylum pepper. These components penetrate to help promote the growth of healthy strong hair. Help prevent hair loss while adding strength, resilience, and more volume. The product removes impurities from the scalp, effectively stimulating blood.

How to use

Before you shampoo your hair, make sure you fully soak it. If the amount of shampoo you use is bigger than a quarter, you’re using too much. Unless your hair is very thick or very, very long, a quarter-sized amount is enough. When you’re shampooing your hair, you should really only lather it at the roots and the nape of your neck and then work it through to the ends. While you’re lathering your hair, be gentle in your movements. Rinse with warm water. Apply conditioner or hair mask.



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