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This diet support supplement combines 39 kinds of fermented plant extracts and herbal fiber along with amino acids, seawater extract and calcium extracted from coral. Aid your diet with 7 different kinds of herbal extracts, bifidus bacteria, fructooligosaccharides, and lactic acid bacteria! Contains relaxing herbs for a sound night's sleep! Burn energy and calories with amino acids!

How to use

4 to 9 tablets a day. Preferably 6 tablets depending on your condition.


Plant fermented product [Fermented plant extract powder (Yeonju, green pepper, yam, spinach, green beans, carrot, burdock, lily root, seaweed, black red beans, shiso leaves, asparagus, nira, Shiitake mushroom, seri, lotus root, jellyfish, mango, litchi, lychee, lemon, papaya, pineapple, pear, muskmelon, banana, apple, grape, loquat, strawberry pomegranate, peach peach, renbu, passion fruit, longan meat, honeysuckle, hibiscus ), Bear moth, wolfberry, morenna, wild tobacco, matcha tea, yeast), indigestible dextrin], red stalk extract, golden candle powder, rakan fruit extract, pruned extract, yamakoko extract powder, lotus leaf extract Powder, fructooligosaccharide, cornflower extract, L-ornithine hydrochloride, passion flower extract powder, valerian extract powder, L- Lunitine fumarate, multi-shelled potato (barley, awa, hinoki, acne, purple millet, purple rice, rice flour), zinc-containing yeast, selenium-containing yeast, acai extract powder, noni powder, lychee seed extract powder, Salacia extract powder, coenzyme Q10 , Ginger powder, bitter gourd powder, mulberry leaf powder, α-lipoic acid, spore-forming lactic acid bacteria (live bacteria), bifidobacteria powder processed food (including milk), lactose / powder cellulose, L-lysine hydrochloride, glycerin fatty acid ester , Silicon dioxide, L-arginine, plant lecithin (derived from soybean), V. C, niacin, V.I. E, pantothenic acid Ca, V.I. B1, V. B6, V.I. A, V. B2, folic acid, V.I. D, V.D. B12.


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