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Delayed release formulations, efficacy of the release in the body for a long time.
* Each capsule with nine different vitamins B, let the body balanced nutrition of vitamins B
* Prevent acne, dry skin, etc. must Nutrition
* Promote protein and nucleic acid metabolism, strengthen the skin's defense capacity
* Eliminate fatigue, restore energy, energetic people all day
* Maintaining liver health and promote the proper functioning of the nervous system

B vitamins help to improve the utilization of oxygen. Increase the right amount of B vitamins ease the radiation caused by the body's metabolism. Therefore, the radiation operators, increase the amount of supply of vitamin B2, can reduce harmful levels of radiation.
A lack of vitamin B can make your hair grayed hair. When the hair color change, or at least a lack of four kinds of vitamin B, namely acid, biotin, folic acid and pantothenic acid.
Vitamin B1 can promote gastrointestinal function, increase appetite, help digestion, reduce fatigue, prevent obesity, moisturize the skin and prevent skin aging.
Vitamin B2 have to keep skin fit, so lighter skin wrinkles, skin spots and eliminate the role of prevention and treatment of peripheral neuritis. Insufficient supply of vitamin B2 can cause rough skin, wrinkles, but also easy to cause seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia, angular cheilitis, cheilitis, acne, hair, vitiligo, alopecia areata. Vitamin B1, B2 can promote skin metabolism, blood circulation, which is known as the "beauty vitamin."
 Vitamin B6 can promote the body's fat metabolism, moisturize the skin; hair loss prevention.

a suitable group:
The skin is too oily, acne flood of people
Fatigue, tired of the crowd
Often stay up late, drinking, smoking crowd
Often mouth ulcers, athlete's foot, dandruff crowd
Want to improve memory and attention of the crowd


60tablets/for a month

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