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FIANCEE Point Hair Stick - Pure Shampoo


Styling hair stick to quickly combine bangs, ahoge, and curly hair with a single application. The scent of a pure shampoo with a subtle fragrance.

  • Keeps hair smooth and natural without stickiness or hardening.

  • Even if you apply multiple coats, it won't clump, and you can adjust it as many times as you like.

  • Non-flaking formula that does not turn white and powdery.

  • Contains cuticle care ingredients and hair repair ingredients.

  • Uses a large brush that can be applied over a wide area.

  • Compact and ideal for carrying around!

How to use

Slowly pull the cap straight out and apply directly with a brush to areas of concern such as bangs, short protruding hair, loose hair, etc.



Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

doesn’t really hold hair together and looks oily if you put too much but it smells great

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