Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask



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Shiseido Fino Hair Essence Mask Is A Perfect Hair Pack For Dry, Damaged Hair. Because It Contains 7 Different Types Of Beauty Essence, The Rich Ingredients Can Pervade Into Hair To Restore Moist And Shine! The 7 Beauty Essences Are Royal Jelly Ex, Trehalos And Sorbitol, Pca, Fitosterol, Lipidure Ex, Squalane And Dimetikon, Glutamine. 
How To Use:
Use This Product After Shampoo & Conditioner. 1. Brush Hair Thoroughly And Comb Out All The Tangles. 2. Apply The Hair Treatment To Your Palms. 3. Massage And Coat Your Hair Thoroughly. 4. Put On A Shower Cap, Or Just Use Some Saran Wrap To Cover Hair For 5 Minutes Or So. 5. Rinse Your Hair Thoroughly.
Size 230g

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