Perfect Beauty Extra Damage Repair Treatment



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Damage Repair: To restore extremely damaged hair ends and roughness.

Recommended if you: 

1. Have your hair dyed or permed

2. Favor manageable hair from the roots to the ends

Organic Argan Oil X Amino Keratin

1. The Organic Oil penetrates deeply into the hair. Cactus & Mango Oil smooths the hair surface!

2. The Amino Keratin repairs damaged hair from the inside out.

Damage repair: Effortlessly run your fingers through your hair

The Amino Keratin nourishes hair damaged from perm and coloring from deep within. Our new Sensor Technology targets and reaches areas of concern instantly, restoring gaps and holes on hair surface to produce smooth, even hair. Essential nutrients in Beauty Keratin boosts hair vitality and health!

Size: 450ml

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