Keana Rice Mask - 1 Bag of 10 Sheets

Ishizawa Lab


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Sheet mask to ensure moist resilient skin

“KEANA NADESHIKO rice(*) skincare” is 100% domestically produced rice-derived skincare serum which acts against dry porous skin.
Thick mask sheet with plenty of beauty essence will be in close contact with the skin. Gives a soft texture, and the skin becomes so moist that your fingers become sticky. Finish with “KEANA NASHIKO (no pores)” skincare for unnoticeable pores.

How to use “KEANA Rice Mask”

・Can use every day.
・Also recommended as a special care for dry skin condition.
・Can adjust the use frequency according to skin type, skin condition and preference.

Use immediately after washing the face.
Remove the mask from the bag with clean hands and carefully unfold the mask so as not to rip it. First apply the sheet onto the eyes, then the mouth, then press closely onto the entire face. Leave it for 5 minutes, then gently peel off. Effective if massaging with remaining beauty essence on the hands.
* May be used after conditioning with lotion.

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