Squalane Pure Root Oil



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HABA Squalane Pure Root Oil with a formula that contains pore-tightening vitamins can provide a moisturizing, anti-aging, and whitening effect to the skin. 

  • Sensitive free

  • Cosme Award Best Oil Moisturizer 

  • Made in Japan 

HABA’s Squalane is the extracted oil from deep shark liver. It has been purified to 99.9%, the highest level in the industry. This purity enables the top level’s safety, as impurities in oil cause skin troubles and cause oxidation. We are proud of this oil’s highest quality, long-year stability, actual efficiency including wonderful skin-beautifying effect, the safest property, versatility, usability, and reasonable pricing.

How to use

After cleansing and applying lotion, apply one drop of Squalane on your moist hands. Spread the Squalane on your palms and press them gently on your moist face. It is important that your hands and face are moist prior to applying Squalane in order for the oil to blend well and create a well-balanced film over your skin. If your skin feels greasy, repeat the lotion application and reduce the amount of Squalane used. If your skin feels dry or tight, repeat toner application and increase the amount of Squalane used from one to two or three drops.





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